Z Athletic Elite Training Bar

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The Z Athletic Elite Training Bar is a top of the line bar that was created for Elite young gymnasts. The base is made of steel and has a high quality fiberglass core rail, making the direct pull-down weight limit of 500 lbs and a usage weight limit of 145 lbs.

Additional Details:

  • High quality fiberglass core rail and a steel base
  • Created for Elite young gymnasts. (no extension kit required)
  • Direct pull-down limit - 500 lbs
  • Usage limit - 145 lbs
  • Easily adjust height from 3 ft to 4 . 8 ft so the bar can be used for multiple kids, or grow as the athlete grows.
  • Easy Assembly
  • Your choice of 3 colors - pink, purple, or blue
  • Guaranteed Durability - this bar comes with a 5 year factory warranty. If your item is damaged during shipping, or any part breaks within 5 years of purchase please contact Z Athletic directly.