Meet Management

Midwest Gym Supply now uses Beyond the Scores for meet management and scoring.  Beyond the Scores allows you to build and score your meet completely online, which allows everyone to be on the same page for registration, scheduling, judge assignment, scoring, and even theming of your meet.  Midwest Gym Supply offers two packages on top of Beyond the Scores to help streamline the process and provide the necessary hardware for your meet.





Customer is responsible for setting up and scoring the meet in Beyond the Scores.  It is the responsibility of the client to maintain all equipment so that scores are collected wirelessly from the judge’s tables, recorded accurately in scoring program and correctly displayed to the audience.  Reporting the scores, resolving scoring disputes, dealing with score inquires and proper set up of scoring program is strictly client’s responsibility.

Midwest Gym Supply to provide a technician during set up only. The technician will train your personnel on use of system. You then would be responsible to pack up the system and make sure it is given to one of our meet technicians upon tear down.

Basic cost of Midwest Package: $525 per day ($175 per session), minimum 2 day rental. There is a setup fee of $200 for Technician to set up system. Technician will instruct and walk through the setup and implementation of system with your computer people to make sure system is working correctly. If technician does not travel with Midwest equipment rental personnel, the host club must provide hotel accommodations and per diem food plus travel expense of .55 cents per mile.


Midwest Gym Supply technician on site throughout the meet acting as score keeper is an additional $450 per day, along with hotel, travel and per diem fee. 

 Midwest Gold Package also includes:
  • Make all necessary changes during meet - birthdates, age groups,  and USAG #’s
  • Trial run of program to make sure all equipment is in proper operating condition
  • Monitoring and checking scores as they are inputted into system
  • Run all session reports: Individual age group and Team results for awards
  • Results printed per session for distribution
  • Run all necessary reports at conclusion of meet
  • Technician will pack and secure all equipment at conclusion of meet


Basic Equipment – Women’s     

  • 1 – central scorer’s table computer
  • 1 – HDTV scoreboard to display all events                       
  • 4 – score entry tablets w/ chargers


Basic Equipment – Men’s        

  • 1 – central scorer’s table computer
  • 1 – HDTV scoreboard to display all events                         
  • 6 – score entry tablets w/ chargers


Complete Equipment – Women’s  

  • 1 – central scorer’s table computer
  • 4 – HDTV scoreboards (one per event)                                 
  • 4 – scoreboard tablets
  • 4 – score entry tablets w/ chargers


Complete Equipment – Men’s     

  • 1 – central scorer’s table computer
  • 6 – HDTV scoreboards (one per event)                                   
  • 6 – scoreboard tablets
  • 6 – score entry tablets w/ chargers


Add Ons

Internet Access – 

Midwest Gym Supply can bring in wifi connectivity to your meet provided that is permitted by the venue.  Midwest Gym Supply currently uses Verizon for it’s data carrier, so you will want to check coverage before selecting this option.

  • $$$$ / GB


Competition Setup

 Beyond the Scores will build and organize your entire meet for you as a premium service offering.  Please contact for more information on this offering