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Our Midwest Vault Board Springs can be used to replace springs for AAI Stratum and TAC/10 Vault Boards. Available in large or small sizes.  
Avoid unwanted mishaps on uneven bars or balance beams with this high quality block chalk made in Taiwan. It gives you better extra grip and makes even the trickiest routines safer and easier.
Chalk dust is a problem for most gyms. Here's the perfect solution: our new chalk eater air filtration unit that eliminates dust, pollen, and other pollutants for a cleaner, safer gym environment. 
A gym is always in need of replacement springs for your vault boards. Get these Vault Board Springs especially made for AAI spring boards. 
Chalk eater filters help your chalk eater unit run smoothly by filtering out unwanted chalk dust, pollen, and other pollutants in the air. 
Get the most out of your money by purchasing these Bar Straps designed to help gymnasts swing with confidence without worrying they'll rip off the bar.
The Velstick® Velcro Wall Strip adheres mats to walls for safety and storage. 
Our 4" Hook Velcro comes in various colors. 
This 6-Set Velcro Arrows help children find their way through a course easily. These arrows can be used with The Original Block set.
An ideal training device for developing skills on the pommel horse, this Training Pod is a helpful tool for both beginner and advanced gymnasts. 
The Midwest  35 degree angled "L" Bracket is made from 2" x 1/2 hot roll steel.
Prevent slipping due to moisture with this TAC/10 Towel that enhances grip on TAC/10 products.