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Keep your athletes on point with Midwest Gym Supply's line of Home Gymnastics Equipment !  We hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these tough times. However, you don't have to let the COVID-19 outbreak prevent your your gymnasts from advancing their skills.  Midwest Gym Supply offers many home products that will ensure that your gymnast not only maintains their strength and skill, but will also help them to sharpen their techniques.  What are you waiting for?


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PLEASE CALL TO ORDER!! (800-876-3194) This Jr Training Bar is a top of the line bar that was created for young gymnasts. The base is made of steel and it has a high-quality fiberglass rail.
PLEASE CALL TO ORDER!! (800-876-3194) This 8' Rec Beam is perfect for gymnasts wanting to train at home! This beam is 8 feet long by 4 inches wide and has 3 different leg sizes available. 
PLEASE CALL TO ORDER!! (800-876-3194) This 8' Folding Balance Beam is built with a high-density crosslinked foam core that gives gymnasts a solid support to practice on. This beam is the perfect confidence builder for new gymnasts! 
The Single Bar with Hubs and E-Rail comes complete with Hubs, Uprights, Pistons, and Graphite E-Rail.
Midwest Gym Supply's 8' Gymnastics Balance Beam is the perfect gift! This beam is proudly made in the USA!
The MGS Clear Hip Trainer is a training aid intended to help perfect shifting of the gymnast’s wrists/weight in bar and floor skills.
The MGS Handstand Bar provides beginners up to advanced gymnasts the ability to practice and perfect bar skills and drills, while reducing stress on the gymnasts’ wrists.
The Air Beam allows gymnasts to practice beam exercises at home or in the gym!
This 3’ wood practice beam has the same suede and pad as a competitive beam.
Why not continue training gymnastics at home with the Simone Biles Adjustable Training Bar!
Give your bar event more stations with a Chin-Up Bar! This Chin-Up Bar also gives you more room during conditioning sets when you have a big team.
Gymnasts come in different heights! This Adjustable Chin-Up can be adjusted to accommodate the height of every gymnast. 
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