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Midwest Gym Supply has been selling gymnastics springs floors for well over 30 years now. Find gymnastics spring floors, spring floor carpets, foam systems, and so much more! We also carry products from other leading gymnastics equipment brands. Browse through our products now.

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Here at Midwest Gym Supply, we produce floor carpets that are exceptionally long-lasting and affordable. Our Spring Floor Carpet will surely be an excellent addition to your gym!
Would you like to upgrade your gym floor? Midwest Gym Supply can now customize your carpet system with personalized inlaid lettering.
Need a new carpet? You can't go wrong with American CLASSIC™ Carpet. Not only is it cheaper than other carpets but it's also built to last for a long time. 
Get the best spring floor for a lower price when you purchase the American ELITE™ Carpet. Made of soft, non-abrasive nylon, this carpet will last for a long time!