Spring Floors

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Midwest Gym Supply has been selling gymnastics springs floors for well over 30 years now. Find gymnastics spring floors, spring floor carpets, foam systems, and so much more! We also carry products from other leading gymnastics equipment brands. Browse through our products now.

This Tri-Flex Foam's multi-layer design has superior shock absorption ability and provides the optimum rebound performance. 
This Cross-Link Polyethylene Roll Foam provides superior shock absorption and is sure to last for a long time! Best used on Stratum® Spring Deck. 
This Tumbling Strip includes four 4' x 6' Flexi-Roll® Mats, four 4' x 10' Flexi-Roll® Mats, 4" hook fasteners, and strips of 2" hook fasteners.
AAI's Club Birch Spring Deck makes it more affordable to put spring in your gym. This deck is optimal for lower level gymnastics and cheerleading use.
Please call to order! 1-800-876-3194!
Please call to order! 1-800-876-3194!
The Stratum® Spring Deck is ideal for high-level competition and training. It’s comprised of high performance fiberglass reinforced wood floor panels, connected securely with aluminum channels and durable straps providing a reactive surface.
Please call to order! 1-800-876-3194!  
The American ELITE™ Artistic Floor Exercise System is the more economical alternative spring floor that gets the job done—for $2000 less. 
From the training gym to collegiate competitions, the All-American ELITE™ Artistic Floor Exercise System is perfect for athletes of all levels.