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Midwest Gym Supply carries top of the line men's gymnastics equipment for men's events: parallel bars, rings, horizontal bars, pommel horse and mushroom. You don't need to look further to find your next purchase—browse through our products now!

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This Snap Lock is precision machined and has a chrome-plated finish. 
This Spin Lock is precision machined and has a knurled chrome-plate finish.
The Style C Floor Plate is installed in concrete- and vinyl-covered floors. 
This Turnbuckle (Eye & Eye) is used on all AAI cabled apparatus.
The Style B Floor Plate can be installed securely anchored on wooden floors. 
The Style BX Floor Plate has the same features as the Style B Floor Plate, but with a longer knurled anchor.
For years, AAI has been an industry leader for floor anchors. However, in the lifecycle of every product there comes a time when replacement is necessary. Any new installation of AAI floor anchors will include the new design.
This Turnbuckle (Hook & Jaw) is made of drop forged steel with a hot galvanized finish. 
This Apparatus Tie-Down Set helps safely secure the ELITE™ or CLASSIC™ Parallel Bars to the floor. 
This Style E Floor Plate is installed in floating wood floors, resting on sleepers or metal clip fasteners. 
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