Spotting Equipment

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Tumbling belts are a non-twisting spotting device for use in teaching skills in gymnastics, trampoline, diving, tumbling, freestyle skiing, and skateboarding.
The AAI Spotting Block is an important training accessory for any gym! Made of high-density foam filler, with top and bottom layers of firm polyethylene foam, this Spotting Block gives added support for the instructor.
Proudly Midwest-made, our Spot Blocks comes in 3 different heights to give gymnasts that extra lift to reach high equipment. These Spot Blocks can also be used as mats for drills. 
The versatile Midwest Spotting Platform works with ELITE Uneven Bars, International Asymmetric Bars, SRS System, International ELITE Horizontal Bars, pit bars, and other uneven bars.
Twisting belts aid in teaching acrobatic and twisting skills for gymnastics, trampoline, cheerleading, diving and freestyle skiing.
This easy-to-use Spotting Platform allows the spotter be in closer proximity to the athlete. This equipment can be used on any AAI Single Bar Trainer, ELITE™ Uneven Bar, and ELITE™ High Bar.