Girls 5+ Program

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Make sure that your gym's recreational gymnastics program is on point with our Girls 5+ Program equipment. From folding inclines to panel mats to trainer bars, our wide range of products are high-quality and durable. Check out our products now!

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Help new students learn their skills faster with our fun shaped Skill Helpers sets. This includes 2-Pr Hands, 2-PR Feet, 1-2-3, and 3-Dots.
These Rumble Strips are made up of short obstacles for children to hop, leap, or bounce over. The set can be easily moved to increase difficulty. 
Rumble Strios are a perfect way to warm up teaching kids to keep their body tight while jumping forward and backwards. 
The ELITE™ Kids Gym Swing connects to the ELITE™ Kids Gym Ring Tower using a quick link with a thimble and rope clamp (sold separately). 
This Resilite 1-3/8" Folding Mat is mde of polyethylene foam and comes with Velcro on the ends. This mat can be conveniently carried around the gym. 
Smart Spotter Expansion Wraps are a great way to adjust the size of your existing smart spotter. It's a handy tool when it comes to teaching back handsprings!
The Resilite 2" Folding Mat has a 2-inch gymnastics panel mat with polyethylene foam and optional Velcroed ends.
This 9' Gray Foam Balance Beam is a great equipment for gymnastics beginners who are just starting to learn the fundamentals!
These Folding Inclines, with optional firm tops, are both economical and durable! Get one for your gym today. 
The Resilite Class Barrier Mat has weighted, free-standing barrier pads that are designed to quickly reconfigure class space, direct class flow, or protect against hazards in close proximity to student activity.
Made of lightweight, dual density foam, this Mount Trainer provides a stable take-off but will not compress. This is the ideal mount trainer for beginner gymnasts. 
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