Balance Beam Parts

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As one of the first equipment your students will learn to use, choosing great beam equipment is very important. Midwest Gym Supply carries the highest quality of beam equipment that will enhance your gym facilities. Browse through our products now!

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This glue is great to use for replacing your old beam pads or beam cover. It also has a variety of other uses for the gym.
Balance Beam Recovery Kits Includes: Suede, Comp Pad, and Glue! 
Restore your worn beam by replacing its pad! This is also ideal for construction of home-made beams. 
This End Cap (pair) serves as a replacement beam cap for AAI.
This Spin/Snap Lock Assembly, from AAI, is used on 407-440 ELITE Balance Beam only. 
Thinking of getting rid of your high beam? Turn them into a low beam instead with the help of these Pit Adapter Plates.
This suede is high quality and can be used as a protective cover any beam or other equipment in the gym. 
Our CLASSIC™ Rubber Reflex Springs includes one pair of each medium rubber reflex beam springs.