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Looking for the perfect gift for the gymnast in your life? Midwest Gym carries a wide assortment of gymnastics home equipment such as beams, mats, bars, and many more. Browse through our products now!

This small mat can be used at home or your gym. This mat is also portable and can be easily stored in small spaces. Each mat is made with handles and polyethylene foam.
These Folding Inclines, with optional firm tops, are both economical and durable! Get one for your gym today. 
The log's unique shape helps develop coordination, balance and basic skills. It can also be used in obstacle course when there are several laying next to each other as barrel walks. 
This colorful Octagon helps in developing coordination, balance, and walk-overs, and front handsprings. 
A must for teaching rolls and other basic skills, this mat is designed to be used at home for extra practice and folded up when not in use. This can also be used as a standing block or as a drill.
This new training bar is more economical and is made of 1” OD steel tubing welded directly to the pistons for added stability.
Resilite's Climb and Slide is a great equipment for toddlers and preschoolers to develop motor skills, balance, and coordination through play!
These Donuts develop climbing, rolling, and tossing skills. 
This Non-Reflex Low Balance Beam can be conveniently turned to a medium beam or low ground beam. It can also be a half-floor beam or half-medium beam by stacking mats on half of the beam.