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Develop your preschool students' gymnastics skills with the best equipment. Here at Midwest Gym Supply, you'll find a wide selection of wedge mats, barrel mats, cartwheel mats, and many more for your preschool program. Check out our products now!

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Kids will have lots of fun with Resilite's Rainbow Tunnel! The tunnel folds into a two foot square cube to crawl through, or unfolds to use as an exercise mat.
Kids will have hours of fun hopping and jumping on this multi-purpose mat!
These Donuts develop climbing, rolling, and tossing skills. 
This Barrel can be used for rolling, racing, or as a tossing target. 
From learning colors to balance and coordination, this Play Dome can help kids improve basic motor movements.
These gymnastics stair mats are perfect for developing and improving your little gymnasts' climbing abilities. These can also be used for teaching back handsprings, kick overs, and backbends. 
Resilite's Climb and Slide is a great equipment for toddlers and preschoolers to develop motor skills, balance, and coordination through play!
Ever had troubles with rolling away the barrel after practice? These Cradles are used to hold the barrel in place without someone having to hold it each time.
Make your obstacle course even more fun by adding this Half-Circle Mat. This can be used to develop balance and tumbling skills!
These Handspring Trainers are essential for teaching back handsprings and can be used for kick overs and backbends. 
Resi-Rockers can be hooked together to make a standing circle, two tunnels, a mini-pit, or a rocker. 
These Trapezoid Stackers are a versatile addition to your gym. They also help develop jumping and vaulting skills. 
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