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Develop your preschool students' gymnastics skills with the best equipment. Here at Midwest Gym Supply, you'll find a wide selection of wedge mats, barrel mats, cartwheel mats, and many more for your preschool program. Check out our products now!

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This 6-Set Velcro Arrows help children find their way through a course easily. These arrows can be used with The Original Block set.
Help new students learn their skills faster with our fun shaped Skill Helpers sets. This includes 2-Pr Hands, 2-PR Feet, 1-2-3, and 3-Dots.
A set of 6 multi-colored, high quality, 18 oz vinyl pockets with a clear vinyl pouch on the front and velcro backing.
Use the The Orginal Block/Round-Off Small Hands Progression Mat for proper hand placement during round-offs.
The Original Block™ is perfect for teaching preschool cartwheels and for conditioning skills beyond the cartwheel.
Get this set of The Original Blocks™ (For Gym Owners) and save money! The Original Blocks™ is ideal for teaching cartwheels, back handsprings, and can be used as a conditioning station.
These Octagon Spotters increase balance, range of motion and flexibility. It's also great for giving young children confidence when learning dive rolls, back handsprings and walkovers. 
PLEASE CALL TO ORDER!! (800-876-3194) The Resilite Smart Spotter aids in teaching back handsprings, back walkovers, and other gymnastics skills. The Smarter Spotter is available in four sizes.
This colorful Octagon helps in developing coordination, balance, and walk-overs, and front handsprings. 
The log's unique shape helps develop coordination, balance and basic skills. It can also be used in obstacle course when there are several laying next to each other as barrel walks. 
Helpful in developing coordination, balance and basic skills.
This gymnastics equipment is great for teaching tumbling skills. 
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