Gymnastics Fun Shapes

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Make practice time more enjoyable with these Gymnastics Fun Shapes mats! We have shapes ranging from donuts, cheese wedges, and lots of other fun shapes. Children will surely love this!

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Help new students learn their skills faster with our fun shaped Skill Helpers sets. This includes 2-Pr Hands, 2-PR Feet, 1-2-3, and 3-Dots.
This small mat can be used at home or your gym. This mat is also portable and can be easily stored in small spaces. Each mat is made with handles and polyethylene foam.
Rumble Strios are a perfect way to warm up teaching kids to keep their body tight while jumping forward and backwards. 
These Rumble Strips are made up of short obstacles for children to hop, leap, or bounce over. The set can be easily moved to increase difficulty. 
This Resilite 1-3/8" Folding Mat is mde of polyethylene foam and comes with Velcro on the ends. This mat can be conveniently carried around the gym. 
These Octagon Spotters increase balance, range of motion and flexibility. It's also great for giving young children confidence when learning dive rolls, back handsprings and walkovers. 
Smart Spotter Expansion Wraps are a great way to adjust the size of your existing smart spotter. It's a handy tool when it comes to teaching back handsprings!
Resilite Inclines are excellent teaching aids for basic rolls, walkovers, and handsprings!
The Resilite 2" Folding Mat has a 2-inch gymnastics panel mat with polyethylene foam and optional Velcroed ends.
These Folding Inclines, with optional firm tops, are both economical and durable! Get one for your gym today. 
Kids will have lots of fun with Resilite's Rainbow Tunnel! The tunnel folds into a two foot square cube to crawl through, or unfolds to use as an exercise mat.
Extra wide and made with foam!
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