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Training mats and skill cushions helps gymnasts to exhibit ability advancement during practice sessions. These mats and cushions reduces hazard of sliding and makes it easier for gymnasts to land on the landing area.

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These Skill Cushions are used for teaching aids for skill development during training and practice sessions.
This Resilite equipment is a two-piece unit that can be used individually or stacked as one single unit. 
PLEASE CALL (800) 876-3194 FOR AVAILABILITY and SHIPPING!  This Vault Anchor Mat will prevent movement of landing mats by anchoring them securely to the table, while protecting gymnasts from the vault table base. 
AAI’s Anti-Skid mats use a rubberized under-side. This new technology reduces the risk of “mat surfing” for a more stable landing area.
Extremely versatile, these Resilite Trapezoids can be used as spotting platforms and step tools to reach equipment. 
Proudly Midwest-made, our Spot Blocks comes in 3 different heights to give gymnasts that extra lift to reach high equipment. These Spot Blocks can also be used as mats for drills. 
Designed for learning basic skills before moving to regulation bars, these Parallel Bar Blocks are great for spotting blocks as well as parallel bar training.
This contoured shape of this TAC/10 Vault Trainer replicates the AAI TAC/10 Vault Table. Covered in exclusive TAC/10 composite leather, the TAC/10 Vault Trainer provides incredible grip. 
Keep your gymnasts extra safe by purchasing this Domestic Pommel Horse Competition Mat. 
The Resilite Vault Development is one of the most versatile training and competition mats out there. This Resilite Vault Development System includes 1 resi-pit, 2 training mats, and 1 contoured top mat (with vaulting surface and 32" competition line. 
This modular six system is designed to elevate spotter to an apparatus height for developing advanced skills. 
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