Competitive Mats

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Training mats and skill cushions helps gymnasts to exhibit ability advancement during practice sessions. These mats and cushions reduces hazard of sliding and makes it easier for gymnasts to land on the landing area.

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These Velcro Mat Hangers can be used as a permanent wall padding solution or as a way to store your folding mats up to save space. 
Rumble Strios are a perfect way to warm up teaching kids to keep their body tight while jumping forward and backwards. 
These Uneven Bars Pads are very useful when it comes to making sure that your gymnasts can perform release moves safely. The best thing is these pads will last for years!
Resilite Inclines are excellent teaching aids for basic rolls, walkovers, and handsprings!
Designed to cushion landings during balance beam training, this Suede Padded Beam will surely aid gymnasts in honing their skills. 
Make sure your gymnasts are safe with this Balance Beam Pad. It provides cushioning to prevent injuries, making it a necessary equipment for learning and practicing new skills.
Resilite's 4" Throw Mats are designed to be used as supplemental throw mats for both competition and training. 
This Resilite Balance Beam Pad covers the beam to provide a softer surface for gymnasts during training. It fits securely around the beam with with Velcro.
This competition and training mat is both lightweight and versatile, providing extra cushioning for landings.
Resilite’s Mount Trainer is the ideal training aid for young gymnasts to practice mounting drills. 
The Smart Spotter aids in teaching back handsprings, back walkovers, and other gymnastics skills. The Smart Spotter is available in four sizes.
The Beam Target Block provides a wider landing or take off zone during balance beam training. 
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