Horizontal Bars

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Looking for horizontal bars? We have an array of quality high bar products such as high bar rails, adapters, and other high bar accessories. Browse through our products now.

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PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILIABLITY!!The ELITE™ Horizontal Bar is the best leading stainless steel Horizontal Bar in the market. Save as much as $400 when you purchase this product now!
The International ELITE™ Horizontal Bar is the industry's leading stainless steel horizontal bar. Virtually indestructible, International ELITE™ Horizontal Bar allows gymnasts to perform the most rigorous bar routines.
These Protective Pads are used on the horizontal bars uprights, chains, and turnbuckles of the tension cables on the International ELITE™ Horizontal Bar.
Designed for use with all AAI Single Bar Trainers, this Men's Quick Release Bar has a permanent textured finish that provides the ultimate texture for the perfect grip.
This AAI Non-Cable Single Bar Trainer is designed to provide a space-saving alternative to regular cabled single bar trainer.
This Men's Adjustable Single Bar Trainer is versatile enough to be converted to a Women's Single Bar Trainer. 
This training apparatus takes up minimal space and allows the quick change of bars between men and women's programs.
The Wall-Mounted Horizontal Bar provides a space-saving alternative for gyms with limited training area.