Parallel Bars

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Find great deals on Parallel Bars here in Midwest Gym Supply. We carry top quality Parallel Bars equipment such as LITE™ AAI Parallel Bars, CLASSIC™ Parallel Bars, and 100 Series Parallel Bars.

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The AAI ELITE™ Parallel Bars is designed to accommodate the high stress of the athlete's most advanced routines. Competition-ready and FIG approved, this will be a great addition to your gym. 
Having similar features to the ELITE™ model, this adjustable CLASSIC™ Parallel Bars unit is ideal for training and in-house routines.
This 100 Series Parallel Bars is a versatile training unit that can be used in recreational and preschool gymnastics programs. 
12" Parallettes are a great tool for gymnasts of all levels.
This Round Parallette Bars help your gymnasts gain upper body strength while learning basic techniques such as L-sits, V-sits and handstand presses.
Made of combined graphite and fiberglass, the Graphite II Bar is both resilient and hard-wearing.
Designed for learning basic skills before moving to regulation bars, these Parallel Bar Blocks are great for spotting blocks as well as parallel bar training.
This Domestic Parallel Bars Landing Mat's duo-fold configuration eliminates seams when landing.