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As one of the first equipment your students will learn to use, choosing great balance beam equipment is very important. Midwest Gym Supply carries the highest quality of balance beam equipment that will enhance your gym facilities. Browse through our products now!

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Handcrafted to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail, the ELITE™ Balance Beam will be a great addition to any gym.
AAI's new Adjustable Club Balance Beam allows for easy height changes to accommodate athletes and coaches at all levels.
Looking for an Aluminum Beam? We sell Aluminum Beams in different varieties to accommodate your preference. 
This Non-Reflex Low Balance Beam can be conveniently turned to a medium beam or low ground beam. It can also be a half-floor beam or half-medium beam by stacking mats on half of the beam.
This CLASSIC™ Balance Beam is designed for upper level training and can stand years of rigorous use. This equipment is ideal for schools, gymnastics club, and training facilities.
This fully-featured CLASSIC™ Low Reflex Training Balance Beam has reflex beams that make it a great training tool for any gymnast. 
PLEASE CALL TO ORDER!! (800-876-3194) This 8' Rec Beam is perfect for gymnasts wanting to train at home! This beam is 8 feet long by 4 inches wide and has 3 different leg sizes available. 
PLEASE CALL TO ORDER!! (800-876-3194) This 8' Folding Balance Beam is built with a high-density crosslinked foam core that gives gymnasts a solid support to practice on. This beam is the perfect confidence builder for new gymnasts! 
Midwest Gym Supply's 8' Gymnastics Balance Beam is the perfect gift! This beam is proudly made in the USA!
The 100 Series Balance Beam is the perfect beam for teaching entry-level gymnastics skills.
These Beam Leg Pads and Filler Systems are designed to cover the legs of the ELITE™ Balance Beams and the CLASSIC™ Balance Beams.
Make sure your gymnasts are safe with this Balance Beam Pad. It provides cushioning to prevent injuries, making it a necessary equipment for learning and practicing new skills.
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